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Scientific and Teaching Activity

We believe that we can only provide excellent services for our clients if, in addition to our extensive practical and forensic work, we also work scientifically and teachingly. For this reason, we are valued speakers at events at home and abroad. We work with the majority of chambers of commerce and industry in Germany.

Only if we really understand what entrepreneurs and professionals from other specialist areas think can we provide the highest level of advice. Lectures are essential here – through direct contact with an interested, non-specialist audience, we can clearly classify problems of understanding and standard questions and deal with them effectively in practice. In this context, we have long been dealing with commercial law issues in an international context.


Dr. Stephan Ebner Dissertation

Programm Hightech Summit 2024


IVAM Hightech Summit 2024 – Back to the Microtechnology Future: Yesterday’s Visions, Tomorrow’s Realities 

This year the IVAM Hightech Summit will be held under the topic of “Back to...

Webinar: CBAM und seine Tücken – Was muss der Mittelstand bei CBAM und Entwaldungsverordnung beachten?

For further information about Dr. Ebner´s speech, please note the following link:


IHK Veranstaltung zu Maschinenzulassung USA

CBAM/Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism: LANA AP.MA helps corporate groups that are active globally!

Dr. Ebner lectures about the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism for IHK Offenbach in January 2024:...

Business Immigration to Germany – Short and Sweet

SUMMARY I. Business immigration to Germany – Get your D-Visa! As the world’s third-largest export...