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White-collar defence and corporate crime

Credibility and authority when you need it most: Globally active corporate groups turn to LANA AP.MA to help them manage corporate crime risk and respond to allegations, investigations and criminal prosecution. 

Our international  legal network of lawyers represents  businessmen and corporate groups during multijurisdictional investigations relating to allegations of price fixing, securities and commodities fraud, insider trading, bribery, sanctions violations, money laundering, accounting fraud and market manipulation, cyber hacks, tax evasion and terrorist financing.

We also manage simultaneous internal investigations in several countries. We co-ordinate global logistics, develop defence strategy across jurisdictions, assess tactics with relevant government regulators and prosecutors, and lead fact-finding and discovery efforts across international borders.  

Our global network of lawyers includes partners that have been former senior prosecutors in the US, UK, Continental Europe and Asia who work with experienced white-collar and criminal defence lawyers to give a sophisticated view of the risks our clients face and the options for addressing them. 


It always depends on the specific case we are talking about. Nevertheless, we can promise that you will not get an invoice before we have expressly informed you that up a certain point in time, our services are not complimentary anymore.

As lawyers and Officers of the Court we cannot promise or guarantee that we will be successful in your case.

As officers of the Court, we are strictly bound by client-lawyer confidentiality. That is: Your data is rock safe with us.

No, please feel free to speak the language you feel confident with, we will understand you and we will manage your legally globally, without you having to communicate with other individuals. In other words: We are happy to take the project lead if you want us to do that.

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