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Intellectual Property Law

We can offer our clients our practically applied Intellectual Property knowledge and expertise, as well as a deep understanding of the challenges involved with conducting a market leading, international business in a constantly evolving technological environment.

Our network of lawyers handling Intellectual Property work collaborate closely with our friendly antitrust experts in finding solutions to the issues that can arise from the tensions between the two areas of expertise.

Our network of Intellectual Property lawyers offer a breadth of experience in Intellectual Property transactional and advisory work, covering the full range of Intellectual Property subjects, in both domestic and international contexts. Like our network of IP disputes lawyers, most of our transactional and advisory Intellectual Property lawyers focus on specific sectors and bring both pure and applied legal knowledge to client projects.

We have extensive experience of strategizing, pursuing and defending Intellectual Property disputes in a wide range of forums. Our Intellectual Property team is used to dealing with technical and specific subject matter, and many of them focus on specific sectors, giving them an applied knowledge of how Intellectual Property is exploited in practice. We work together with colleagues and external local lawyers in other jurisdictions to ensure claims are pursued consistently and in the most appropriate forums.

If necessary, we will pursue and defend cases aggressively and effectively but are able to resolve a high percentage of disputes negotiated settlements.


It always depends on the specific case we are talking about. Nevertheless, we can promise that you will not get an invoice before we have expressly informed you that up a certain point in time, our services are not complimentary anymore.

As lawyers and Officers of the Court we cannot promise or guarantee that we will be successful in your case.

As officers of the Court, we are strictly bound by client-lawyer confidentiality. That is: Your data is rock safe with us.

No, please feel free to speak the language you feel confident with, we will understand you and we will manage your legally globally, without you having to communicate with other individuals. In other words: We are happy to take the project lead if you want us to do that.

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