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Corporate and M&A

We are a respected, highly experienced global Corporate and M&A practice. What makes us a highly respected international practices is our client base, the mandates we win, our industry expertise, as well as our reputation for creating value for clients and investing in relationships.

We advise clients on public and private M&A, disposals, demergers, joint ventures, restructurings, corporate governance and regulatory compliance, with a particular focus on complex, cross-border transactions. Our global network includes experts in antitrust/competition law, funds and investment management, insurance, private equity and public policy.

At LANA AP.MA, we understand the pivotal role complex transactions play in shaping businesses. Our clients trust us for the creative problem-solving and rapid decision-making that lie at the heart of our practice. We thrive on unravelling complexity and navigating challenging deal structures, whether in the public or private space.

Integrated transactional capabilities provide a seamless, comprehensive deal strategy, from deal structuring to equity and debt financing, while managing tax, antitrust and competition, foreign direct investment regulation, employment and regulatory hurdles as well as litigation risks. 

With deep industry knowledge and unrivalled cross-border experience in large, high-profile and often complex transactions, we empower our clients to make informed decisions, mitigate risks and seize opportunities.


It always depends on the specific case we are talking about. Nevertheless, we can promise that you will not get an invoice before we have expressly informed you that up a certain point in time, our services are not complimentary anymore.

As lawyers and Officers of the Court we cannot promise or guarantee that we will be successful in your case.

As officers of the Court, we are strictly bound by client-lawyer confidentiality. That is: Your data is rock safe with us.

No, please feel free to speak the language you feel confident with, we will understand you and we will manage your legally globally, without you having to communicate with other individuals. In other words: We are happy to take the project lead if you want us to do that.

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