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About us

LANA AP.MA provides the highest quality legal advice and representation to clients around the world. The results the Firm achieves have become a model for the modern practice of law. Today, LANA AP.MA is a leader in each of its core practice areas and in each of its geographic markets. The law firm´s success is the result of the quality of its dedication and work. The Firm’s network of consists of the very best law school graduates trained to be generalists within broad practice areas. The result is a law firm with a unique diversity of experience, exceptional professional judgment and a demonstrated history of innovation.

Clients of the Firm are nearly evenly divided between U.S. and Asian entities, mostly. They include industrial and commercial companies; financial institutions; private funds; educational, charitable and cultural institutions; and individuals and trusts. LANA AP.MA’s client base is exceptionally diverse, a result of the Firm’s extraordinary capacity to tailor work to specific client needs. The law firm has established a network of lawyers around the world located in leading financial centers in Asia, Australia, Europe and the United States. The Firm is headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

LANA AP.MA advises the businesses and institutions that power the global economy. We bring together a network of the world’s best legal talent in every major jurisdiction to shape the deals and win the disputes that transform markets. Our experience at the cutting edge of commercial, financial, and legal innovation enables us to deliver results that fuel our clients’ success. Our approach is guided by our commitment to quality and our core values.

Unwavering Client Focus
We adopt the urgency of our client’s mission in each engagement. Leveraging vast global resources, we work relentlessly and efficiently to accomplish your goals.

Consistent Excellence
We draw on elite capabilities across various disciplines to meet the precise needs of each client and matter. With our broad and diversified platform we can anticipate and address any legal or business challenge anywhere in the world — with flawless coordination.

Strong Teamwork
We collaborate across continents, languages, and time zones to support every client.

our values

Our core values are important to us as they define who we are and how we do business. They act as powerful guiding principles despite a changing world around us. Our people tell us that we have a unique culture. It is the reason why clients keep coming back to us and why people find LANA AP.MA an enjoyable place to work. We want to keep it that way. Each of our values are interdependent and are equally important. We provide comprehensive learning opportunities to help our network of lawyers hone their capabilities and stay current with changes in the law. We recognize and reward client centric service in myriad ways.

1. We strive for perfection, to deliver outstanding client service

2. We are entrepreneurs ourselves and encouraged to take action, not just talking

3. We are always there, when needed – and this is not just a mere phrase

Why choose us?

The experience needed to deliver comprehensive solutions. In a field where the stakes can be high and experience matters, we’ve built a sophisticated team with network of more senior-level attorneys than most law firms, generally. That gives us the breadth of experience needed to solve even your most complex challenges – without a large-firm rate structure or layers of bureaucracy. Instead, you’ll have ready access to highly experienced specialists who can help you respond quickly to the unique issues and opportunities that come your way.

Here are just a few examples of our team’s credentials: We understand a client seeking an attorney is often facing a life-changing event. We extend every professional courtesy to accommodate your needs and treat your case with care. Client meetings with members of our law firm are attentive and personal. We take the time to learn about your matter to fully understand the depth of your situation and your legal needs.

When you have a legal concern, we know it’s essential you have access to your attorney when you need it. We make it a priority to be responsive and accessible to you.



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Doing business

The U.S. is one of the easiest jurisdictions in the world in which to do business. Regulatory barriers are generally low, establishing a branch or business entity is quick and easy, labor and employment laws are much more employer-friendly than in most other developed economies, and the legal system is well-developed and transparent. However, there are certain barriers to entry and challenges to doing business that should be taken into account before investing or establishing operations in the U.S. LANA AP.MA also represents many overseas clients in U.S. legal matters. 

If you are affiliated with a foreign company, we help you establish or purchase facilities and commence operations in the U.S., Europe, Asia or anywhere else in the world. We also handle benefits, taxation, immigration, litigation, labor relations, distribution, intellectual property, and counsel foreign clients in connection with U.S. business and operations.

We help you understand and comply with U.S. and international marketing laws, including antitrust laws, laws prohibiting unfair competition, and laws restricting the dumping of products. Our intellectual property department helps you protect and exploit your patents, trademarks, and other intellectual property in the U.S. and Asia, first and foremost, as well help you license proprietary technologies. 

We can help you with any immigration issues your personnel may encounter in pursuing your business plans in the U.S., Europe and Asia. We offer a global perspective to legal needs. We work with a significant number of Asian clients. Likewise, we assist clients across Europe and South-America. We can also help you navigate through federal international trade regulations that impact your plans. Our network of lawyers regularly handles international trade disputes and negotiations, customs issues, export controls and trade sanctions.

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