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Lateral Attorneys

Personality, fairness, and human values are cornerstones of LANA AP.AM International Legel Services. That shows in the way how our team members treat and respect each other and how we enjoy a completely different atmosphere as it is the case in other (law) firms. Long story short: We do not differentiate between “staff” and “lawyers”, we are all equal / colleagues.

LANA´s commitment to excellence has been a major factor in its overall success. Against this background, it goes without saying, that we are always seeking superb lateral attorneys who willing to go the extra mile – and who to be entrepreneurs, not only lawyers.

We believe in investing in human capital right from the beginning. I embrace young colleagues that want to become partners in our law firm.

LANA AP.AM invests a lot in the practical legal education of new colleagues and more senior lawyers that want to change practice focus, for instance. Our broad range of clients from all over the world allows our lawyers to engage in legal matters globally, and thus earn truly international experience.

If you can identify with most of the following core facts, we should maybe have a talk, soon:

The will to succeed at any price – nobody cares about your academic achievements in reality

Willingness to change your Western European mentality

High degree of knowledge of the English language

High degree of emotional intelligence

Leader, not “just” employee

We are always looking for new enthusiastic colleagues