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Neue Mainzer Str. 6-10
60311 Frankfurt am Main

Business Professionals and Paralegals

At LANA AP.AM International Legel Services, we understand the value of our professional staff—from paralegals, legal assistants and more. You are not a lawyer and therefore think that you are a less important member of the team? We don´t think like that: Every team member is worth the same, we make no distinctions here.

We offer a generous Paid Time Off policy along with sufficient paid holidays.

Our staff’s overall health and wellness is very important for our law firm. We are happy to support with your subscriptions at top Gyms or other sports activities. Anyone who does a lot of legal work also needs a sporting balance, for instance.

(Legal Fighter) Pilots need to stay physically, mentally and financially strong – as your team, we are happy to stand at your side.

We are always looking for new enthusiastic colleagues