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DR. Stephan Ebner

Curriculum vitae

A-levels, valedictorian
2003 – 2011
Law studies

Law studies at Erlangen-Nuremberg, Osnabrueck and Hamburg University (First State Exam) Osnabrueck University -Commercial Criminal Law-

(Master Thesis about USFCPA and UK Bribery Act)

Baccalaureus Juris and Magister Juris -Finance and Tax-, Hamburg University

2012 – 2013
LL. M studies

M studies -American Law-, Saint Louis University
School of Law, Dean´s (Full) Scholarship; Research Assistant,
Saint Louis University School of Law

2013 – 2015
Legal Apprenticeship

Legal Apprenticeship in Berlin, Second State Exam, also working at the German Federal Ministry of Finance and German Parliament, Berlin

Dr. iur (Ph. D) Hamburg University
Since 2016
Practing Lawyer

Practing Lawyer in leading international and German midsized law firms in the role of a PARTNER, lately.


Admission to the New York Bar, US Attorney-at-Law


Approval as a Notary Public in the State of New York

Of Counsel at YK Law LLP, NYC office
Begin of admission

Begin of admission procedures as a -Foreign Legal Affairs Attorney (TAIWAN, ROC)- at The Taiwan Bar Association

Publication and lecture activities
– Dr. Stephan M. Ebner

I. Monographs

  1. Constitutional design of horizontal financial equalization – state financial equalization a federal cornerstone (?), Saarbrücken 2009, 56 p.
  2. Protection of legitimate expectations and guarantee of continuity in the case law of the highest courts using the example of tax law – an investigation with particular reference to the decision of the Grand Senate of the BFH of December 17, 2007, GrS 2/04 (No inheritability of loss carryforwards), Frankfurt a.M., Berlin, Bern, etc. 2010 , 132 p.
  3. Company-related protection of secrets in international tax proceedings: On the question of modifying German rule of law standards in the interstate exchange of tax information (tax law in research and practice), dissertation, Hamburg 2016, 624 p.

II. Legal journals

  1. Exam in criminal law: “Jealousy and alcohol”, in: Magazine for the Police 2/2006, pp. 14-17
  1. Simplified delivery according to Section 180 ZPO in criminal and fine proceedings, in: Road Traffic Law (SVR) 2006, pp. 372-375 (co-author)
  2. Exam-relevant decisions from income tax law and the tax code – current BFH case law overview, in: Steuer und Studium (steuerStud) 2007, pp. 485-493 (co-author)
  3. Fraud within the meaning of Section 263 StGB when investing in commodity futures?, in: Criminalistics 2007, pp. 681-685
  4. Effective precautions – The eco-audit can reduce the risks of criminal prosecution in corporate practice, in: Müllmagazin 2008, pp. 46-50
  5. The treatment of foreign witnesses in the law on requesting evidence, in: Police Today (ph) 2/2008, pp. 70-74
  6. Can environmental violations be justified according to Section 34 of the Criminal Code?, in: Journal for Environmental Policy & Environmental Law (ZfU) 2008, pp. 271-285
  7. The legal complaint in the fine proceedings, in: Road Traffic Law (SVR) 2008, pp. 129-132
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  10. Tax systematic, constitutional and European law investigation of Section 10 Paragraph 1 No. 9 EStG, including the judgments of the ECJ of September 11, 2007, Cases C-76/05 and Cases C-318/05 – At the same time a statement on Implementation of ECJ judgments in German tax law, in: Deutsche Steuer-Zeitung (DStZ) 2009, pp. 645-660 (quoted in BFH, decision of June 8, 2011, X B 176/10, BFH/NV 2011, p. 1679, HFR 2011, p. 966, and in Schmehl, EuR 2010, pp. 386-401)
  11. What do “Finkel Plan” and “Clean Energy Target” Actually Mean for German Mid-Cap Companies?, German-Australian businessnews, 2019-2, p. 18
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  14. Liability for compliance violations in corporate transactions related to the USA and UK, Corporate Finance 2019, pp. 304-308 (CF1312433)
  15. German SMEs in the USA and UK – Cross-Border CMS 2020, ZRFC 2019, 199-206 (co-author)
  16. Compliance state competition – “post-BREXIT” risk assessment for German medium-sized businesses in the UK, CB 2019, pp. 322-326
  17. Post-Brexit: Distressed M&A in the UK, M&A REVIEW 2019, pp. 290-294
  18. Brexit abroad: Germany, 2019, Volume 169, NLJ 17, Issue 7867, p. 17
  19. Family businesses and corporate compliance: Conflicts of interest when filling corporate positions, in: CCZ 2019, pp. 470-474 (co-author)
  20. AMERICA FIRST and BREXIT – Impact on the transatlantic M&A business, in: German LawyerSpiegel, 01/2020, pp. 12-14
  21. SOX Act – What are the compliance requirements for German companies? in: IWRZ 2020, pp. 57-63 (co-author)
  22. Imposition of fines according to Art. 83 GDPR against German parent companies – A practical consideration, in: CZZ 2020, pp. 84-88 (co-author)
  23. Family businesses in Germany – total lack of trust(s)? How to steer through unsteady times, FFI Practitioner 2020, available at: family-businesses-in-germany-total-lack-of-trusts/
  24. M&A [MAD/(K)E] IN INDIA, M&A Review 2023, available at: M&A [MAD/(K)E] IN INDIA – M&A Review (

III. Variety

  1. Simplified delivery according to Section 180 ZPO in criminal and fine proceedings, in: Traffic law work aids: tables – data – information, updated reprint of the journal article of the same name, Nomos 2008 (co-author)
  2. The research programs of the Saint Louis University School of Law and the University of Warwick School of Law, in: Legal Training (JuS) 12/2012, pp. XXXIV–XXXVIII
  3. M. Program For Foreign Lawyers in American Law at Saint Louis University School of Law 2012/2013 and New York State Bar Exam in July 2013, in: Legal Training (JuS) 12/2013, pp. XXXIV-XL
  4. Administrative station in the tax department of the Federal Ministry of Finance in Berlin, in: Legal Training (JuS) 4/2015, p. XLVIII-L
  5. Elective station in the department WD 4 – Budget and Finance – of the Scientific Services of the German Bundestag, in: Legal Training (JuS) 11/2015, pp. XXXI-XXXIII

IIII. Current Interviews, Speeches and Workshops/Trainings

  1. Brexit Roadshow, Prepare now!, IHK Frankfurt am Main and Upper Bavaria
  2. Brexit Roadshow, Prepare now!, IHK Frankfurt am Main and Upper Bavaria
  3. Get ready for Hard Brexit, IHK Schwaben
  4. Many other lectures at various chambers, available upon request
  5. Interview on the title “Why M&A deals in the USA are now attractive”, FINANCE from August 28, 2019
  6. Interview on the title “How Brexit is changing the M&A market”, FINANCE from January 8th, 2020.
  7. Many speeches for Commercial Chambers all over Germany
  8. In-company/in-house training