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Introduction to IOTA – Enhancing Collaboration in Tax Administration

Intriguing Developments A novel player in the realm of European tax administration emerges: IOTA – the Intra-European Organization of Tax Administrations. This organization, though not yet widely recognized, holds relevance for Taiwanese businesses seeking insight into its operations. There is a reason why IOTA is not yet “widely recognized”: It is another more half-hearted try […]

VAT as the backbone of Europe´s Tax regime: Suspected ringleader arrested in EUR 85 million VAT fraud scheme within Project -GOLIATH-

Europol has supported an action across eight countries which targeted criminal groups under investigation for VAT fraud amounting to EUR 85 million. On 22 November 2023, 59 searches were carried out, resulting also in the arrest of one of the alleged ringleaders.  Seizures included: Code-named ‘Goliath’, the investigation was led by the European Public Prosecutor’s […]

Understanding the Challenge of VAT Fraud in the European Union for Asian companies

In the realm of financial crimes, the European Union (EU) faces a significant challenge in the form of Missing Trader Intra-Community (MTIC) fraud, also known as carousel fraud. This sophisticated criminal activity, usually perpetrated by organized groups, has severe repercussions for EU member states, resulting in substantial annual losses estimated to be around EUR 60 […]

The prosecution of environmental crime is on the rise in Europe – Why should Taiwanese corporate groups active in Europe be concerned?

The Council presidency and European Parliament negotiators just recently reached a provisional agreement on a proposed EU law that would improve the investigation and prosecution of environmental crime offences. The new directive aims to establish minimum rules on the definition of criminal offences and sanctions in order to better protect the environment, replacing the previous […]